Join us at the first ever Kingmaker Virtual event that is specific to people in business who are fed up with mediocre results and want to make 2022 the year of money, success and fulfilment.

The event takes you on a journey through 2 electrifying principles that will transform you and your money. 



Get ready for a GREATER YOU

When 95% of business owners don't succeed because they are being defined by someone else's opinion of them and they don't even know what they TRULY want, you will create a vision for your life that will give you true purpose to your every breath. 



With clarity and vision you will reach a new found confidence and energy that will supercharge your life to achieve higher heights. 
You will discover the strangest secret to your fullest potential and how it will completely transform every aspect of your life. 


The Art of Creating Money 

A transformational experience for every part of your money, like you have never experienced before. 
With an aligned, soul-on-fire purpose and an elevated energy, we will take you through the most incredible journey of re writing your relationship with money that will make you genuinely unstoppable.

POWER to you.

Whilst the world waits for another year to be hurry up and be over, we will be sparking powerful momentum to go your way. Take a journey deep within your subconscious mind and 

  • How to create and master your journey to powerful prosperity
  • Moving in the right direction for discovering the real you and your path to greatness
  • A brand new concept on achieving goals from higher levels of consciousness
  • How to be genuinely authentic and begin to master your relationship with yourself, money and others.
  • Hitting higher heights in your personal and business life once you eliminate all the subconscious brakes that are holding you back
  • and a TON more ...


We'll shut down major internal blocks, limiting beliefs and transform your internal programming to make 2022 the most abundant and prosperous year thus far

In this section we'll dive into

  • Discovering what REALLY has been holding you back from attracting the money you're capable of
  • Esoteric money and how to become LIFE POWER
  • An eye opening dive into The art of Money Creation and how to NEVER worry about money again.
  • Supercharge your life with a tool that trains your mind to manifest the wildest dreams into reality

No more "same old sh*t, different year".
No more accepting mediocrity

Tickets will sell out fast, you might as well book yourself one and make 2022 abundant, beats the alternative.


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