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Carlo Chincarini

Leadership, Performance & Money Coach / Speaker/ Mentor

Welcome to the Official Speaking page for Carlo Chincarini, The Kingmaker. A professional speaker with over 15 years of experience in personal and business leadership, mindset and money. Carlo has worked with over 10,000 people from all walks of life and created one result in particular above all else, created true KINGS and QUEENS. 

A Leader in the World of High Performance

Carlo Chincarini has dedicated his life to helping high performers in business and elite athletes, sports teams, and coaches attain the extraordinary. His unique approach, grounded in the concept of "King Energy," has transformed lives and propelled individuals to reach new heights of success.
With an intoxicating energy and enthusiasm he delivers world class content that is unique yet digestible to every member of the audience in the fields of sport, corporate culture and small business.

To any organization looking to provide world class engagement it isn't just recommended to engage The Kingmaker, it would be a mistake not to.


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High Performance Culture & Environment:
 With a profound understanding of peak performance strategies, Carlo equips his clients with the tools and strategies to consistently excel in their respective domains.
Money Mastery:
A pioneer in financial empowerment, Carlo provides valuable insights on creating wealth, managing finances, and attaining financial independence.
Mindset Mastery: 
A sought-after authority on the intricacies of mindset mastery. Through his extensive knowledge and practical techniques, he empowers individuals to overcome limiting beliefs, conquer self-doubt, and unleash their true potential.
Business Mastery:
Carlo's keen insights into business strategy and leadership have helped countless entrepreneurs and executives navigate the complex world of commerce, fostering growth and prosperity.
Transforming Lives, Shaping Leaders:
Carlo's impact extends far beyond mere words. His exceptional abilities and contagious enthusiasm have touched the lives of countless high achievers, instilling in them the unwavering belief that they can be Kings or Queens in their chosen domains.


A Trusted Advisor to Elite Performers:
In the worlds of business and sports, Carlo's guidance has been instrumental in shaping the destinies & consistent performance of elite athletes, sport teams, and coaches. His unique blend of wisdom, experience, and charisma has made him an invaluable resource for those striving for excellence.


The King/Queen Self Method & King Energy Protocol:

 After over 15 years of working with people from all walks of life, from children & teenagers to elite performers on the world’s stage, Carlo’s profound King/Queen Self concept has been instrumental to life changing transformations & wildly remarkable results.

  Carlo's groundbreaking concept of "King Energy" delves deep into the core of an individual's inner power, helping them unlock unparalleled resilience, self-assuredness, and self-worth.

"District32 had the pleasure of Carlo presenting at our Premium event in Queensland. The value delivered by Carlo was phenomenal. He weaved Sales, Business Development, Wellness and Mindset into an extraordinary 45-minute session. Our members were inspired, motivated and grateful for the insights shared by Carlo. They would have enjoyed a longer session and plenty of calls for an encore. We are looking forward to Carlo presenting to our members in WA in coming months and we foresee a long-term relationship with Carlo as we appreciate the value he adds to any business leader. Highly recommend Carlo as both a consultant and as a key-note speaker."

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Whenever you have the opportunity to not only speak, but to inspire others from a stage, it carries with it a responsibility. To give the audience the very best of yourself whilst taking them on a journey that goes beyond their current circumstances and into their own KING | QUEEN self.


Carlo Chincarini

The Kingmaker

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