The Kingmaker

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A person who has complete power over every aspect of their life.
A person who lives life, on their terms.

21 Day Challenge

"Because of my lack of confidence, I always had trouble with reaching my fullest potential. With the KingMaker, I learned the techniques as well the inner secrets to be a real high performer, and it's improved my life immensely."

Becoming the King

View our range of phenomenal opportunities to help you become the King of your life.

Your own Kingmaker

On the journey to greatness, every King leans on a Kingmaker. 

For modern day people, the path is full of obstacles, changing landscapes and stresses. The need for you to access your inner power, self and strength is at a premium. 

Don't walk alone and carry the burden to prove your worth. 

Make the Kingmaker part of your team and rise to your success.



Kingmaker Athletes

This program is crafted exclusively for Elite Athletes. 
Strict selection criteria applies. 
1:1 Packages are available.

Online Program launching soon 


Kingmaker Academy Online 

WARNING: This results in absolutely phenomenal success.

The most life changing, eye opening and sensational 12 weeks of your life await. 
Lose the shackles that life has locked you in, let go of the past, create a new future.

Take control of your life, master yourself and rise as King of your mind, body and life. 


21 Day Kingmaker Challenge

An intensive 21 day program to lay the foundations, get massive results and get you started on your journey to Kingmaker. 

Break the shackles of slavery; the Journey to Kingmaker starts here.


Customized Performance Coaching in your workplace

Whether you are trying to get the most out of your staff, your players or your leadership team, having a Kingmaker in your team is vital for your continuous success. 

We have unparalleled peak performance programs designed to take you from good to great to Kings.  

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"I was lost before the Kingmaker. I learnt more in 3 weeks than in all the years of working with countless sport psychs. My performances, understanding of the mind and performing consistently has been phenomenal. The Kingmaker made all this possible for me. This has completely changed my life. Highly recommend."

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